Determining clothing measurements in 3 steps for a Perfect Fitting Dress

Determining clothing measurements in 3 steps for a Perfect Fitting Dress

People mostly have complaints regarding the clothing measurements as most of the tailors fail to create perfect fitting dresses. Keeping this problem in view, came up with an idea of launching a 3 steps mechanism for determining clothing measurements in order to produce the best results. Our process of taking the measurements is quite comprehensive and it shows that we are very serious about giving our clients the perfect finished products.

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Common flaws in determining the measurements for outfits:

Usually people face the problem of bad fitting dress and blame tailor for poor stitching services. However, there can be two common flaws in this whole process. One case may be what actually people say that tailor doesn't stitch well. This happens when tailors don’t pay attention while taking the measurements being irresponsible and consequently, ruins an attire. The second case may include the fault of people themselves as they can also give the wrong measurements to the tailors who ultimately produce poor fitting dress.

Keeping in view these problems, has made great efforts in designing a process that can overcome both the above mentioned flaws in determining the measurements. By producing a model mechanism of three steps, we make sure to take perfect sizes’ samples and apt measurements from clients and that customers also give us the correct measurements.

3 steps process of determining clothing measurements:

Step 1 : Measurement: in first step takes the measurements from the clients. Then a size chart is given to the customers so that they can provide us the proper measurements according to the chart. The measurements are also discussed by the clients with us in this step. The clients can also give us their own accurate measurements instead of using the chart if they are sure about them and we will do the custom measurement for them as they desire.

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Step 2 : Stitching

Then in second step, the dress with decided measurements is stitched by the tailor under the strict supervision of our professional designers who keep a special check on the working. The designers have the measurements in written and therefore, they keep eyes at every step to avoid any error with regard to the measurements of the dress and make sure that stitching is done as per the measurements provided by the client.

Step 3 : Confirmation

In last step when the attire is completely stitched, the professionals recheck the measurements of the stitched dress with the measurements provided by the customer. Then the client is contacted again to confirm the measurements one more time and to ask if he or she still wants to make any changes.

Minimizing measurement problems:

Double stitching is done by our tailors and our designers leave 1 or 2 inches fabric inside the stitched dress so that, for instance, if the client desires to have a large size and stitched apparel is medium then one stitching is opened in order to make the outfit of large size. This is to minimize the measurement problems as much as we can because it's a very common and old problem which should be addressed.


We at try our best to satisfy our Asian clients living in the western countries and for this purpose, we created a proper process for determining clothing measurements in order to produce best fitting outfits. The process is for sure comprehensive and deep but do you think that we should add any other step in this mechanism of determining clothing measurements or no, it’s already complete and perfect?

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