Privacy Policy

Nameera by Farooq is very clear and strict about its privacy policy because we are concerned about the privacy of our customers and try our best to keep their personal information private. Our customers trust us while giving their personal information like address to us while shopping from us. Thus, Nameera by Farooq doesn't want to break that trust and we know how to safeguard it. Hence, we have made very rigid privacy policy for the protection of privacy of our amazing customers.

Personal information of our customers:

The personal information of our customers like their mobile number, email address, home address and name etc., are kept safe with us. We make sure to keep this personal data of our customers private as we promise them to take care of their privacy. Our customers give us this information for completing the shopping process which requires personal data so we can contact them when it is needed. So, in order to make their shopping experience good, we keep their information secure.

What information of customers Nameera by Farooq shares with whom?

Though Nameera by Farooq takes care of its customers’ privacy yet there are some process and circumstances in which we have to share some of your personal information with the third party. The third party is usually another service provider by the help of which we complete your shopping process. The information of our customers is secure with third party too because Nameera by Farooq enters into proper contract with the third that assures the protection of the personal data of our customers by the third party or service provider.

The rights of customers:

Our customers enjoy huge amount of consumer rights which they can use whenever they want. However, knowing those rights before claiming them is very important. For example, our customers can ask for their personal information which we have in order to check it again and correct the wrong information if any. This will save us and our customers from any problem in future. Moreover, our customers can ask from us our contact details as well for contacting us when it is needed.


Nameera by Farooq uses cookies to collect some information and check how you use our website. Cookie is a small amount of information that our website stores on your mobile phone or computer and accesses every time you visit our website so that we can know about your preferences and taste and thus, provide you the same content which you want for your feasibility.

Following of laws while using our customers’ personal information:

Nameera by Farooq follows the laws completely while doing anything. Likewise, we follow laws fully when we use our customers’ personal information for the purpose of providing them our services. Nameera by Farooq knows the importance of laws and thus, we take extra care in following them. Also, our concern about following the laws satisfy our customers as well because they are relieved to know that their personal data is in the safe hands.

Changes to our privacy policy:

Nameera by Farooq keeps this ultimate right of making changes to its privacy policy. We will update our privacy policy whenever we will make any changes to it and try to inform our customers by our website as well.