5 Bridal Lehenga Trends for 2022 in Pakistani Indian Bridal Lehenga Fashion

5 Bridal Lehenga Trends for 2022 in Pakistani Indian Bridal Lehenga Fashion

Wedding day is the most important day in any woman’s life and the desire to have a dreamy gorgeous Bridal look is absolutely justified! The effort to find the perfect masterpiece for the big day is a task and we at NameerabyFarooq completely understand it. A flawless Bridal Dress that not only has a traditional look, but is also in Trend is what every bride wants. Lehenga is a stunning ensemble that never goes out of style. Luckily, you have come to the right place for your Bridal Lehenga hunt and we’ll explore (let you know about) some of the most trending Lehenga choices in 2022.

Finding the perfect Bridal Lehenga is hard as it is a versatile attire that can be paired with choli, jacket, peplum, frock, and so many other choices. From color to fabric, embellishments to embroideries, everything about Lehenga needs to be ravishing. Let us help you in finding your dreamy Lehenga for Wedding day.

Anarkali Lehenga:

I am sure that you have heard of many new trends in Bridal Lehengas but this one is the most chic choice for the gorgeous bride. Anarkali Bridal Lehenga has the perfect balance of elegance and royalty that not only gives a classy look to the brides but also is something that parents approve of, gladly! The huge flare of Anarkali Lehenga gives the bride a breathtaking appearance on the wedding and well, this is basic requirement, isn’t it?

Bridal Lehenga with Long Trail:

Wedding is a day when all eyes are on the bride and she certainly wants to have a look that steal everyone’s hearts at the very first glance. The long trail of Lehenga will definitely give you that flamboyant appearance on the wedding. Hand-crafted embellishments and perfect contrast of appealing colors make the Long Tail Lehenga an exquisite choice for the big day.

The Dazzling Red Lehenga:

Colors are the true essence of any Bridal wear and when it comes to Lehengas, a stunning Red Lehenga will give you a ravishing look on the most important day of your life. The alluring red shade signifies purity and love which make it an icon of fashion and trend.

Peplum Lehenga:

Peplum Lehenga is one of the most appealing choices of Lehenga that always crosses a Bride’s mind when searching for a classy and trendy outfit for the wedding. Peplum is a versatile attire in itself and comes in different styles and designs. Pairing it with Lehenga creates the most ravishing duo that can be the best thing for a bride.

Layered Lehenga:

Layered Lehenga has definitely given a trendy and stylish touch to a typical Lehenga Dress. A Ruffled or Layered Lehenga gives a modern look to the gorgeous bride. It has a huge flare and even with minimal details or embellishments, it takes everyone’s breath away by its charm. Pastel shades give an elegant touch to the Layered Lehenga, making it an epitome of elegance and grace.

Since we have discussed a few differnt styles of bridal lehenga let us answer some common questions you could have regarding bridal lehenga. 

How many types of Lehenga are there?

Lehenga is an all-time favorite masterpiece that comes in different styles, designs, and colors. For Pakistani and Indian Brides, Lehenga is an ethnic choice to wear on the wedding festivities. Its major types includes A-line Lehenga, Jacket Lehenga, Sharara Cut Lehenga, Fish Lehenga, Layered Lehenga, Anarkali Lehenga, Saree style Lehenga, and Flared Lehenga.

What is trending in Bridal Lehenga?

In 2022, Layered Lehenga is the symbol of trendy and iconic choice for the wedding. It can be paired with different types of choli. Full sleeves, sleeveless, ruffled sleeves, and off-shoulder are some of the iconic choices of choli to pair with Layered Lehenga. For a traditional look, Anarkali Lehenga, A-line Lehenga, and Sharara-cut Lehenga are also preferred by the Bride.

Which body shape is best for Lehenga?

A Lehenga should always be chosen according to the body shape. For an apple shaped body, Flared Lehengas with pastel shades are a go-to choice. A-line Lehenga in chiffon or velvet looks stunning on hourglass bodies. For pear-shaped body, Plain Lehenga with embellished choli is preferred by the designers. Also, some Lehenga types look stunning on only body type e.g. A-line Lehenga, Jacket Lehenga, etc. Hence, after getting to know about your body type, choose the Lehenga accordingly that will give you a breathtakingly chic bridal look on the wedding.

How to choose the perfect Bridal Lehenga?

Looking for Lehenga and finding the perfect one is critical but not impossible. Choosing Lehenga according to your body shape is one the major steps to have a gorgeous Bridal look. The colors must be chosen wisely that compliment your skin on the big day. Also, dupatta plays a significant role in giving an exquisite look to your Bridal Dress. So, don’t underestimate it. Last but not the least is that it should give you inner satisfaction and comfort as it matters the most.

Which color is the best for Bridal Lehenga?

Every bride is unique and has her own taste in colors, while choosing a Bridal Lehenga. For Mehndi, mayoon, and sangeet Green and Yellow Lehenga are the conventional choices for the bride. Also, Red Lehenga for Barat, and Lighter pastel shades for reception come into mind when thinking of color choices. However, in 2022 unconventional, unique, and bold choices of color is the new trend. Stunning contrast of colors according to the Bride’s taste is what makes it breathtaking and glamorous.

Which fabric is trending in Lehenga?

Lehenga comes in different styles and fabrics. Premium quality of the fabric plays a key role in giving a perfect finishing to the Bridal Lehenga Dress. Georgette is one of the most appealing choices in fabrics. Also, silk and velvet can never do injustice to your Bridal Lehenga. These fabrics not only give a royal touch to your Bridal Wedding Dress, but also provides you with comfort and beautiful look.

What can be paired with Lehenga?

Lehenga is a versatile masterpiece that comes in different designs, fabrics, and colors. The best thing about Lehenga is that it can be paired with so many different choices. For a bold and traditional look, Bridal Lehenga can be paired with choli and shirt. The choli itself comes in different styles. Lehenga can also be paired with gown, pishwas, and frock for a more royal appearance on the wedding day.

How to make a Lehenga more attractive?

Lehenga is a beautiful choice to wear at any wedding festivity. For every event, it can be created in a different style. Every bride can design the Lehenga as per her own taste. Hand-crafted work of embroidery, dabka, naqshi, tilla, zardosi, and gota makes the stunning Bridal Lehenga an epitome of tradition and beauty. Pakistani and Indian Lehengas both are usually heavily worked, but can be designed according to the occasion. Sequins, pearls, crystals, motifs, and shimmering ornaments can give a more attractive and glamorous touch to your Bridal Lehenga for the wedding day.

Is Lehenga only for Bride?

Lehenga is a royal choice, not only for the bride but also for bridesmaids. For every girl of any age, there is a perfect Lehenga. From the simple ones to heavily worked, each Lehenga has its own charm and grace. Premium designs, styles, and fabrics make Lehenga a perfect choice for the Bride as well as her bridesmaids.

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