5 Reasons why you should choose Nameerabyfarooq.com as your Favourite Online Store

5 Reasons why you should choose Nameerabyfarooq.com as your Favourite Online Store

Nameerabyfarooq.com is an online store that sells different dresses and accessories for men and women of Asian countries’ culture to the people of Asia living in the western countries like America, Australia etc. Today there are many online stores but in this blog we will give you 5 reasons to choose and make Nameerabyfarooq.com as your favourite online store.

1 - Our aesthetic products:

Pakistani Aesthetic Designer Dresses Online at Nameera by Farooq

Nameerabyfarooq.com contains super beautiful attires and accessories in its collection. From dresses of men and women to attires of distinct types, we offer nice items in our store. For women, we have embroidered lehenga choli, shararas, ghararas, shalwar kameez, plazos with short shirts, kundan jewellery and many more. For men, we have shalwar kameez, sherwani, waistcoats and shawls etc. All these items in our store are for Asian people like Pakistanis and Indians living in western countries like America. Such beautiful products at Nameerabyfarooq.com can surely make us your favourite online store.

2 - Timely delivery service of Nameerabyfarooq.com:

Get Fast Shipping and On Time Delivery Online at Nameera by Farooq

After having one experience of shopping at Nameerabyfarooq.com you will make it your favourite online store as our delivery service is very timely. We deliver in the time of 10 to 15 days without any delay. Nameerabyfarooq.com doesn’t believe in delaying tactics and always work very professionally. This is also a very important reason that should make you choose Nameerabyfarooq.com as your favourite online store because late deliveries are quite common and a big problem.

3 - Three steps mechanism of taking the measurements:

Perfect Clothing Meassurement in 3 Steps

We have established a great and comprehensive method of taking the measurements which is based on three steps. At first step we take the measurements from clients and the help of size chart is taken. Then the dress is stitched under the supervision of the professional designers who make sure that the attires are made as per the measurements sent by the clients. Lastly, after the stitching, the measurements are again confirmed from client and modifications are done if needed. So, our comprehensive process of taking the measurements assure our clients that their dresses will be stitched as per their choice of fittings which gives our customers another reason to select Nameerabyfarooq.com as their favourite online store.

4 - Free fashion consultation of our designers:

Avail free fashion consultation services of Nameerabyfarooq.com regarding Asian countries’ trends

Another reason that can make you choose Nameerabyfarooq.com as your favourite online store is that we have a great team of designers that give free fashion consultation to our clients as per the event for which they want the dress, their personality and the contemporary fashion. From wedding functions to parties, our designers offer great professional services of giving the fashion advices to our customers that help them dress the best which enhances their personality too.

5 - 24/7 customer support service:

Nameerabyfarooq.com is available 24/7 to help its clients via its efficient customer support service. In case of any problem or query, you can contact our customer support service and get your answer or problem solved. Being available for customers 24/7 we give you another reason to choose Nameerabyfarooq.com as your favourite online store.

From being professional to passionate about our work and from being available 24/7 for clients to providing timely delivery service, Nameerabyfarooq.com works hard to be the best and become your favourite online store in the electronic marketplace.

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