5 Things to know for Themed Desi Wedding in USA without a Wedding Planner

5 Things to know for a Themed Desi Wedding in USA

Today, having themed wedding has become quite necessary as everyone wants to have an organized wedding. Themes do organize the weddings and give a good look to the lavish functions. But the fact is many people don’t know how to select and then manage to organize a themed wedding. The lack of knowledge about this particular subject can literally ruin the things. Therefore, Nameerabyfarooq.com has decided to give you basic knowledge of five most important things about a themed desi wedding in States. By this, you will organize your own themed desi wedding amazingly without a wedding planner.  

  1. Opting a good color combination :
    Choosing Theme for Wedding Color Combinations at NameerabyFarooq
    Color is the most important thing; without colors, everything is incomplete. But opting the best and decent color combination is even more necessary. So, if you want to have a nice theme for your wedding function, opt a beautiful color combination for every function of your themed desi wedding.
  1. Uniqueness of bride and groom should be maintained
    Unique Bride and Groom Wedding Theme Ideas in USA
    While selecting the dresses for the wedding functions according to theme, you should know this that bride and groom must have a different and unique look. They must not look like others but totally different from others. By doing this, you will give them the limelight they deserve on their big day. But by giving them a different look, do not make them appear entirely distinct from the theme. They must match the theme yet look different from others.
  1. Venue decoration must be done as per the theme
    Beautiful Wedding Themed Venue in USA for Perfect Traditional Wedding
    Venue is another important thing. Without the decoration of venue according to the theme, your idea of having a themed desi wedding would be useless. Be it mehendi or baraat or walima, venue decoration as per the theme is very essential.
  1. Going for a designer advice should be preferred
    Designer Wedding Theme Suggestions Online at NameerabyFarooq
    Going for the advice of a designer is preferred even if you are organizing a themed desi wedding yourself without a wedding planner. For this, you can contact the designers of Nameerabyfarooq.com who offer free advice regarding the selection of theme and dresses as per the theme in States to desi people. Moreover, our designers also advice about the decoration of venue. This will make your wedding a professionally organized themed desi wedding without a wedding planner even.
  1. Dresses for closed people should be chosen according to the theme
    Buy Pakistani Desi Wedding Party Dresses Online at Nameera by Farooq
    Lastly, the attires of closed people like cousins, friends and family members should be chosen according to the theme and not otherwise. This will complete the whole wedding and add much to its beauty. For instance, if the color combination of grey and purple is chosen for the bridal shower then all closed guests must wear either one or both of these colors in combination.

Shadi functions are the big days of not only bride’s and groom's life but of their family and friends as well. Therefore, it’s necessary to organize these days with full zest. It doesn’t mean that you have to go for overly lavish arrangements but you can have theme for even simple functions. Theme makes weddings look good. So, with a little effort you can add colors to your big day and

Nameerabyfarooq.com is ready to help you and make your shadi a beautiful event in America, that too free of cost.

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