Nameerabyfarooq sells Bangladeshi attires to the people of Bangladesh in USA

Now Bangladeshi People can Buy Bangladeshi Attires in USA

Bangladesh is another Asian country in which majority are Muslims. Initially, it was a part of Pakistan; therefore, there is quite resemblance in fashion of both the countries. Bangladeshi attires are not that different from the Pakistani dresses yet some styles really show the difference between the fashion of Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The Bangladeshi attires list from frocks or shirts with pajama or trousers to sarees and shalwar kameez, pant shirt and suit etc. The shirts and frocks of Bangladeshi trend are not distinct from that of Pakistan. The long frocks with secret pant type trousers or palazzos are common in Bangladesh like in Pakistan. sells Bangladeshi dresses to the Bangladeshi people: offers Bangladeshi attires to the people of Bangladesh residing in America. We design and stitch the Bangladeshi clothes very professionally. More like Pakistani attires, Bangladeshi apparels are little different from Pakistan as well. takes great time and interest in giving the best outcomes. We offer attires like Bangladeshi saree, shirt with trousers or palazzos and frocks for the Bangladeshi women. Also, we have men's shalwar kameez and suit in our collection. There is a great variety of these attires in our store. 

Why Bangladeshis in America should opt us?

  1. Professional services works professionally; our team members perform their duties with seriousness and dedication. Moreover, discipline is maintained while working as a result of which best outcomes are produced in the form of beautifully designed Bangladeshi attires.

  1. Great variety of dresses

    There is a great variety of Bangladeshi dresses in our store. From sarees to frocks for women and from shalwar kameez to suit for men of Bangladesh, provides huge variety to the Bangladeshis residing in the United States.
  1. Timely delivery delivers on time as it has a team of best timekeepers. We deliver on the time specified by us at the time of taking the order. Our delivery time is 10 to 15 days. So, delivering traditional attires of Bangladesh to the Bangladeshis right on time in America is our top priority for sure.
  1. Having traditional attires of Bangladesh in States via gives people of Bangladesh in USA easy access to the Bangladeshi attires. It is not easy to find the Bangladeshi dresses in the western markets of America. But provides you your cultural apparels in the foreign land that too very easily. You can have your cultural dresses in USA now just by one click because of
  1. Our comprehensive methods:

    The comprehensive methods of in its working is for sure a reason to trust it. From measurement taking mechanism to the work of embroidery, we perform our duties very carefully and avoid making mistakes.

Thus, we have provided some very solid five reasons of why should be opted by the people of Bangladesh living in America. By buying the attires from our store, Bangladeshis won’t be disappointed as we mean what we say. Hence, can be the best choice of Bangladeshis for the shopping of their traditional attires in USA.


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