Here's how to Celebrate Traditional Pakistani Wedding in USA (Part II)

Here's how to Celebrate Traditional Pakistani Wedding in USA (Part II)

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In last part of this Pakistani wedding blog series, we had talked about the proposal and engagement ceremony. Today, in this part, we will discuss about the further things that happen in Pakistani wedding after the engagement. Three main things will be discussed in this blog namely; get-together of bride and her friends, marriage’s date fixation and selection of dresses for the wedding functions. The purpose of this blog series is to refresh in the minds of Pakistani people living in America that how a traditional Pakistani wedding happens so that they would get an idea and help of how to make their weddings purely Pakistani even in USA.

Get-together of bride and her friends plus cousins after engagement:

After the engagement, the bride with her friends and cousins meet at one place and have fun. They arrange a kind of girls’ party and relish the beautiful moments together by discussing different exciting things about the wedding and the bride's future.

Fixing the wedding date:

It’s common in Pakistani tradition that after the engagement, dates for wedding functions are fixed. Some people decide to marry sooner after the engagement while some do it after years of engagement. In any case, ultimately date fixation is the next step. In case of long gap of years between engagement and wedding, many other events do take place. Like at Eids, bringing Eidi for the bride-to-be by her in-laws and at birthdays, giving each other different gifts by guy and the girl are common examples of such events. However, after month(s) or year(s) of engagement, date is consequently fixed for the wedding function at simple get-together of both the families of boy and girl.

Selection of dresses for the wedding:

The tough phase of Pakistani wedding is the selection of wedding attires for the bride and groom. This thing becomes even tougher when the wedding is in America as Pakistanis abroad can't easily buy Pakistani dresses in the States. Moreover, Pakistanis living in America aren’t aware of the Pakistani trends much. However, provides a simple solution of all these problems. Via this blog, we will not only discuss about the selection of attires for a Pakistani wedding but will also guide the Pakistanis in USA about dress selection who are going through this phase of “shadi’s shopping.”

Bride’s apparels:

Distinct dresses for different wedding events are opted and bought for the bride by herself or with the help of family or guidance of the designers.

Dress for bridal shower:

Bridal shower is a party of bride-to-be with her friends and cousins. The dress chosen for this function is neither too heavy and nor too light. A long maxi with light colour and little embroidery of dabka and sitara is best choice and usually worn by the brides at bridal shower.

 Pakistani Bridal Shower Wedding Party Dresses


Dress for dholki:

Dress for dholki is not that distinct from that of mehendi. A yellow, green or orange coloured lehenga choli or frock or shirt with sharara, gharara or pajama with work of tilla and silma on it is best to wear at dholki by the bride.

Mehendi’s attire:

Pakistani Wedding Mehndi Attires Online at Nameera by Farooq

Mehendi is one of the grand wedding functions and the dress for mehendi is also chosen, accordingly. Usually the yellow coloured lehenga choli or frocks with gharara, pajama or sharara with heavy embroidered work of nagh, dabka, silma, sitara or tilla on them is worn by the brides at mehendi. However, other colours like orange and green etc., can be selected for mehendi as well. Simple flowers-made jewellery looks great on mehendi at bride.

Dress for Nikkah:

Pakistani Bridal Dress for Nikkah Dulhan Online at NameerabyFarooq

Nikkah usually takes place at mosques with only few close friends and family members in Pakistani tradition. However, grand nikkah ceremony also takes place among some Pakistani people. In Pakistani wedding, bride wears a very decent light coloured embroidered dress at nikkah. The dress can be peplum frock or short shirt with sharara or gharara.


Bridal apparel and jewellery for baraat:

Pakistani Bridal Wedding Bridal Dress in Red Color Online at Nameera by Farooq

For most important wedding function, lots of ideas are taken to design a bridal dress. The best colour for baraat is red or maroon but many people now wear other colours like golden and green etc., as well. Long frock or gown with lehenga or sharara, peplum frocks with sharara or gharara, lehenga choli, short shirt with lehenga, gharara or sharara are the common Pakistani wedding attires for baraat. With work of dabka, silma and tilla a beautiful wedding dress is prepared for bride. Moreover, heavy jewellery for the wedding function of baraat is also bought with the shopping of dresses.

Attire for nashta:

Pakistani Designer Bridal After Wedding Dresses Online

The next morning after baraat, a ritual of nashta takes place in which the family of bride brings nashta at bride's home or her in-laws’ home. So, for nashta a special dress is also chosen before the wedding. It is preferred for bride to wear bright colours at nashta with heavy embroidery of silma and dabka. The attire can be simple shalwar kameez or dress of any other design.


Dress and jewellery for walima:

Pakistani Bridal Jewelry for Wedding Online at Nameera by Farooq

Finally the shopping for walima is done by the in-laws of bride usually. According to the bride's choice, her walima dress is prepared and heavy jewellery is bought. The dress for walima is usually maxi or long gown of light colours and delicate plus heavy dabka and silma sitara work. However, the dress of walima is less heavy as compared to that of baraat.


Formal clothes for the post wedding parties and dinners:

Latest Pakistani Designer Dresses Online at Nameera by Farooq

Moreover, formal embroidered clothes for post wedding parties and dinners are also bought during the wedding shopping. These clothes are of both heavy and light embroidery, dark and light colour and of all the designs, like from peplum frocks to shalwar kameez and from short shirt with plazo to long shirts with pajama, every kind of dress is bought by the bride for the post wedding events.


Groom's attires:

The groom's wedding shopping is another important part of the Pakistani wedding. The attires and accessories for the guy are also bought by the groom himself or with the help of friends or family or designers.

Dress for dholki and mehendi:

Pakistani Men Mehndi Dholki Dress for Weddings Online

Grooms at Pakistani mehendi or dholki usually wear shalwar kameez or kurta pajama with waistcoat or shawl. It is made sure that groom’s attire must have a little touch of bride's dress colour. For instance, if bride bought green colour for mehendi then such shawl or waistcoat is bought for the groom which possesses little green touch. This is to create a kind of matching in the dresses of bride and groom.


Apparel for baraat:

Pakistani Shewani and Turban Asian Groom Wedding Dresses Online at Nameera by Farooq

Sherwani with turban is the traditional dress of Pakistani groom for baraat. A colour theme is decided for this event as well according to which the bride and groom dress. If bride is wearing red on baraat then red turban can be opted for the groom to create colour coordination.


Suit for walima:

Pakistani Men Walima Dress for Asian Groom Wedding Dress Online

For walima or wedding reception, Pakistani grooms mostly choose three piece suit and colour coordination is made with the bride's dress. Like if the bride opts blue colour for walima then groom chooses blue tie with the suit.


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