How Culture Influences Dressing of People?

How Culture Influences Dressing of People?

The brief definition of culture is way of life but it’s a broad term and many things like customs, traditions, art, literature, language and more fall in it. Culture can also be called as anything that is done by people of the same place. Moreover, there are many things that impact culture like weather and climatic conditions etc. However, there are things affected by culture as well for instance, culture influences dressing of people but how it does so is what we will discuss in this blog today.

Role of culture in any society:

The role of culture is very significant in any society and in many countries traditions are the part of the laws even like in Great Britain. The culture shapes the norms and standards of any society. Without culture, a society can't exist because it is the culture that determines the way of living of the people and people ultimately make the society. It is the culture that can uplift a society and a culture can also cause the downfall of any society. Hence, the role of culture is really important in any society.

Culture influences dressing of the people:

Being an essential part of society, culture has huge impacts on the people of that society. Therefore, culture influence dressing of the people greatly. For instance, if the climate of an area is warm then people of that area prefer to wear light clothes like lawn or cotton. But if the climate of some country is cold then very warm clothes are being worn by people of that place. Like in winters in Pakistan, people wear clothes of khaddar or velvet fabric and in summer, the Pakistani people wear lawn clothes.  Hence, in this way culture influences dressing of the people as climate is a part of the culture.

Another way in which culture influences dressing of the people is that people practice religion which is also a part of culture. Religion has a great impact on dress code of the people as they wear clothes that are allowed to wear in their religion. For example, most of the Muslim women wear attires in which their bodies are completely covered as ordered by their religion. So, Muslim women wear shalwar kameez, long maxis and burqas or abayas etc.

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Also, the dressing is influenced by norms and ideologies which are also the part of the culture. Like the western and eastern ideologies shape the dress code of the eastern and western people to some extent. In west the dressing is deemed as reflection of liberalism that everyone wears in which he or she feels comfortable and good while in eastern countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc., religion and old traditions play a huge role in determining the dress code as per the rules which can be called as a part of eastern ideologies.

Cultural dresses of Pakistan:

The cultural dresses of Pakistan are actually the traditional attires of different provinces of Pakistan. The attires of Pakistani people are also influenced by its culture. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), the cultural dress is khet partug and Peshawari chappal as traditional footwear.

 Cultural Dresses for Kids in Pakistan

In Sindh, ajrak is cultural accessory while in Punjab, kurta pajama or shalwar kameez are traditional dresses. Lastly, in Balochistan baggy shalwar with loose shirt is the cultural apparel of the province. Most of these Pakistani dresses are also available at our online store of so you can easily follow your culture by wearing your traditional attires.

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