Decent Pakistani Dresses for Milads

Decent Pakistani Dresses for Milads

Eid milad un Nabi (SAWW) is basically the observance of the birthday of the Holy Prophet (SAWW). The date of 12th Rabiul awwal is his birth date and this day is celebrated by the Muslims by arranging Milads. Milads are actually the kind of function or event in which naat khwan recite the naats [praise for Prophet (SAWW)]. It is the Muslims’ way to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet (SAWW).

It is not like that Muslims only celebrate on 12th Rabiul awwal but actually the celebrations start with the arrival of the month of Rabiul awwal. The mosques are lit with colourful lightening and milads are arranged from the beginning of the month. Muslims around the world participate in these celebrations.

It is very obvious that for attending and hosting the Milads in Rabiul awwal, both men and women need good and decent dresses. Most of the women desire to wear white or grey with green colour, simple dresses like shalwar kameez or shirts with plazo. Dupatta of chiffon or net is also a must for women to carry along with their attire. Also, men want to wear nice shalwar kameez of white or brown colour. But it is hard for the Pakistanis living in USA to have decent Pakistani dresses over there easily. Therefore, comes with a quick and reliable solution to this problem.

Buy Decent Pakistani Dresses for Milads from has a great collection of beautiful dresses for both men and women that can be worn by them at Milads. For men we have a great variety of shalwar kameez that can be bought by them for milad.

Pakistani Shalwar Kameez for Milad Online in USA

Moreover, offers a huge variety of dresses and hijabs for women to be worn by them at Milads. The duppatta is the essential part of the milad dress for the women as naats must be listened by them with dupattas on their head. We have decent attires in our store of mostly white or brownish colour with pink or blue or green dupatta for women’s milad dress.

 Pakistani Milad Attires Online at Nameera by Farooq

Also, we have a good variety of hijabs that can be used by Pakistani women living in USA for attending the Milads. Milad is a very respected and holy event in which one should dress decently and behave responsibly.

 Pakistani Milad Dresses with Hijab Online at NameeerabyFarooq in USA

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Lastly, due to reliable online store of both Pakistani men and women living outside Pakistan like in USA can be benefited as we offer a great variety of Pakistani dresses for Milad which many stores don’t offer.

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