Get Ideas for Indian Wedding Bridal Lehenga Choli in USA

Get Ideas for Indian Wedding Bridal Lehenga Choli in USA

Lehenga choli is the most common attire of brides in the Indian weddings. On Indian baraat, brides mostly wear lehenga choli of distinct colours with beautiful embroidery. Though the basic design of bridal lehenga choli remains same yet the embroidery and colours of lehenga choli make one dress look different from the other.

Keeping in view the trends of India, has decided to come up with different ideas of lehenga choli for the Indian brides-to-be in the States. From tilla to dabka to silma, bridal lehenga choli of Indian style is designed differently with beautiful colours.

Some of the ideas of lehenga choli for the Indian brides-to-be in America are;

  1. Tea pink coloured lehenga choli with embroidery of flowers

    Indian Wedding Bridal Lehenga Choli Dress in USA
    This tea pink coloured bridal lehenga choli with a different type of embroidery of flowers on it is a great idea for the design of your bridal lehenga choli. This can be worn by the Indian brides on their baraats in America. Moreover, it's a great bridal attire look if your wedding is going to happen in spring season in USA. However, this beautiful lehenga choli can be worn by you at your baraat in any other season as well.
  1. Maroon and golden coloured lehenga choli with crystal embroidery

    Indian Wedding Dresses Bridal Lehanga Choli Dress in America
    Another nice idea for the bridal lehenga choli to be worn at baraat by the Indian brides is the golden and maroon coloured lehenga choli with crystal embroidery on it. With simple embroidery and loud colours, this attire for the Indian baraat in America is perfect and balanced is maintained between the colours and embroidered work.
  1. Lehenga choli of white and maroon colour combination with shocking pink coloured dupatta and heavy embroidery
    Indian Bridal Baraat Wedding Lehenga Choli Dress 2019 in USA
    This is another aesthetic lehenga choli giving you another good idea for your Indian baraat in States. With white lehenga and heavy embroidery on it, maroon choli with beautiful dabka or silma or another embroidered work on it and shocking pink dupatta with embroidery on its borders make this attire a best choice for your baraat. Moreover, the colour combination of this lehenga choli is very unique; thus, giving new ideas for an Indian bridal attire.
  1. Sea green and golden coloured lehenga choli with shiny look
    Indian Wedding Bridal Dresses Online 2019 - Latest Indian Wedding Dresses in USA
    This is another pretty good idea of lehenga choli that Indian brides living in America can wear at their baraats. This bridal lehenga choli is best for summer wedding due to quite light colour of lehenga; moreover, the dupatta is of white net which is very simple and looks best in summer. The shiny and glittery choli with golden colour is balancing the entire look of this dress. Thus, it’s a great choice for baraat and you can also design your bridal lehenga choli on this pattern.

All the above mentioned ideas of lehenga choli are very distinct and beautiful. These items also give you an idea of how you can design your bridal attire on any of these patterns. However, you can also directly buy these lehenga cholis for your baraat in the America from We give the best services to our clients and they never get disappointed with us. So, you can also trust us if you want any of the above mentioned lehenga cholis or if you want to design yours on the pattern of these lehenga cholis with little changes. will do all for you in order to make your Indian baraat in USA amazing.

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