5 Beautiful Options of Jewellery sets for an Indian Bride in States

5 Beautiful Options of Jewellery sets for an Indian Bride in States

Jewellery is an important part of any Indian wedding as the bride’s preparations look incomplete without a proper jewellery set. We at Nameerabyfarooq.com has come up with five different options of aesthetic jewellery sets for an Indian bride in States as it’s not easy to find desi style jewellery in America.

Be it mehendi, baraat or wedding reception, jewellery has a special place in the list of things that a bride wants on her dressing table. Most importantly, Indian brides love to wear heavy jewellery sets at their big days. This gives them a complete royal look.

Jewellery sets of Nameerabyfarooq.com:

Nameerabyfarooq.com has a good collection of jewellery sets in its store. We have chosen the five top best jewellery sets from our online store for the Indian brides living in America in order to make the choice much easier for them. In this way, they would know which are our five best jewellery sets and they would select from those five only instead of huge collection of Nameerabyfarooq.com’s jewellery’s section.

The purpose of shrinking the options is to provide ease to the Indian brides living in America just like we are making things feasible for them by offering jewellery of desi style to them in United States where they can’t find Indian trends’ jewellery smoothly. In short, the purpose of everything is to provide ease to the Indian brides or people living in America far away from home at the time of their wedding.

The five options for jewellery sets of Nameerabyfarooq.com are;

  • Kundan Set with Motis
    Indian Kundun Jewellery Sets with Moti Online at NameerabyFarooq
    This is one of the beautiful jewellery sets of Nameerabyfarooq.com. With heavy kundan necklace and ear rings and little motis attached with them, this jewellery set can be worn at baraat or wedding reception by an Indian bride.
  • Kundan Mala
    Pakistani Indian Kundun Jewellry Mala Online at NameerabyFarooq
    This is another aesthetic jewellery that can be worn by an Indian bride at her baraat or wedding reception. This piece will add more beauty to her bridal look.
  • Kundan Jewellery Set with Stones & Pearls
    Pakistani Kundun Jewelry Sets with Stones & Pearls Online at NameerabyFarooq
    This jewellery set is one of the most aesthetic pieces from the collection of Nameerabyfarooq.com. Indian bride can wear this one at her all wedding functions, be it mehendi, sangeet, baraat or wedding reception. With pearls and stones, this jewellery set looks just so beautiful.
  • Kundan Necklace with Ear Rings
    Pakistani Wedding Kundun Jewelry Necklace with Ear Rings Online at NameerabyFarooq
    With pearls, this kundan necklace and ear rings can be worn by the Indian bride at her baraat in States. This is for sure a very aesthetic piece.
  • Mala for Indian bride's baraat
    Mala for Indian Brides Baraat Indian Wedding Jewelry Online at NameerabyFarooq
    This mala with red, gold and white colour will look so good on the Indian bride at her baraat in States.

Nameerabyfarooq.com has many other jewellery sets and jhumkas in its online store that can be chosen by an Indian bride. The purpose of this listing was just to shrink the options for the Indian brides in order to provide them ease in selection. However, they can also check our great collection of jewellery if they want to explore more and widen their circle of options of the Indian wedding jewellery.

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