can make your Walima Ceremony in America Memorable by these 3 Things

3 Things to make your Walima Ceremony in USA Memorable


Walima is an important wedding event among Pakistanis or Muslims around the world. It's the last wedding day that is celebrated with utmost joy and zest. Celebrating your wedding at home is a different thing and having your wedding arranged away from home at foreign land is a distinct thing. Obviously, celebrating big days of life at home country is a beautiful and much better experience than doing so in a foreign country. However, tries its best to make your wedding function of walima ceremony in America totally memorable by three simple things. is an online store that sells its products to the Asians living abroad. We work professionally in order to deliver best services to our amazing clients. Our platform works passionately to make Pakistanis’ walima ceremony in America the epic function ever by following three things;

1- sells aesthetic Bridal Dresses for Walima Ceremony in America to the Pakistani Brides: offers extremely beautiful and decent bridal attires for walima ceremony in America to the Pakistani brides. We have an amazing collection of walima dresses that vary both in colour and design. Also, the fabric of dresses are in good variety. We have maxies, long gowns and beautiful frocks for the walima of a Pakistani bride in USA. by selling the Pakistani dresses in the States tries its best to make your walima ceremony in America memorable as it's the cultural outfits that one wants to wear at the wedding functions in order to live her customs and make the event great despite being away from homeland.

     Pakistani Wedding Bridal Dresses Online at Nameera by Farooq

    2- offers kundan jewellery for walima function in the States:

    Our online store also sells a great variety of kundan jewellery to the Pakistani brides for their walimas in USA. Obviously, to get kundan jewellery of the Pakistani trends in America is not feasible so eases the situation for the Pakistani brides living in America by offering them kundan jewellery at its online store. The kundan jewellery collection includes jhumkas, necklaces and heavy malas etc.

    Almost all of the Pakistani brides desire to wear their traditional jewellery at their wedding days. This makes them happier and their wedding days memorable and joyful. Therefore, we tried our best to provide an exquisite collection of kundan jewellery in our store in order to make the walima ceremonies of the Pakistani brides in USA special and unforgettable.

    Pakistani Kundan Jewelry for Asian Indian Weddings In USA Online

    3- contains super amazing gifts in the store for the Pakistanis’ walima ceremony in America:

    Gifts always add beauty to any occasion therefore, we at provides the services of selling the gifts to our customers as well. From cakes to flowers to bears, we have a good collection in our gifts' section. The bride and groom can buy presents for each other so that they could gift some good things to each other at the last day of wedding. This would be perfect ending of your walima function that would make it unforgettable for sure.

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    Thus, is your ultimate station that cares for you and its team tries its best to make the wedding functions of Pakistani people like walima ceremony in in America a memorable and super amazing event.


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