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What are the types of Desi Wedding Dresses?

Desi Wedding Dress is a stunning masterpiece that has the perfect balance of trend and tradition. Having a royal and trendy look is the dream of every bride. A Desi Wedding Dress will give you your desired dreamy appearance that you’re probably tired of looking up everywhere. The types of Desi Wedding Dresses include Bridal Lehenga, Bridal Lehenga Choli, Bridal Gharara, Sharara Dress, Bridal Frock, Pishwas and Lehenga, and Lehenga Gown.

What kind of Bridal Lehenga is preferred in Desi Wedding Dress?

The bridal Lehenga is the essence of a Desi Wedding Dress. Whether it’s Mehndi, Barat, or Reception, a Lehenga always works like a charm. For Mehndi, often Lehenga with huge flare such as Anarkali Lehenga is preferred as it gives a nice flowy appearance. For Barat, color is the key to a Lehenga. You need to choose the perfect color combinations that are in trend. For a traditional look, Red Lehenga is your savior. Moreover, lavish contrast of gold, emerald green, and pink will give you a nice chic look. For Reception, Long Tail Lehenga is the most perfect choice if you want to have that breathtaking amazing look.

Which fabric is the most suitable for Desi Wedding Dress?

Choosing the fabric according to your body type and your dress style is the first step. Desi Wedding Dresses comes in different designs and style. For a Gharara and Sharara, Jamawar, Silk, and Tissue fabrics are the most suitable choices. For a Lehenga, Raw Silk, Faux Chiffon, Brocade, Organza, and Velvet will be perfect choices for the fabric and they can vary according to your body type. Our designers at NameerabyFarooq will make sure you choose the most suitable fabric for your Desi Wedding Dress. For kameez, pishwas, choli, and frock, the fabric can be used in combination such as net sleeves and silk bodice, etc.

What is the latest trend in Desi Wedding Dresses?

The best thing about Desi Wedding Dress is that tradition is the trend. Heritage designs and classic details of hand-crafted embellishments make your Desi Wedding Dress a perfect choice for the big day. Our signature designs and the unique contrast of colors will make sure that you not only follow the trend but also do it like a pro!

How can you style your Bridal Lehenga on your Wedding?

The Bridal Lehenga is the most versatile attire as it can be paired with so many different attire. Lehenga Choli, Lehenga Frock, and Lehenga Gown are the most preferred styles for a bride that will always give you a trendy and elegant look on the big day.

Why a Desi Wedding Dress should be your choice for the big day?

Desi Wedding Dresses come in different styles and designs. From Lehenga Choli to Gharara Dress, every attire is a breathtaking masterpiece and it gives the gorgeous bride a breathtaking look. Hence, a Desi Wedding Dress should always be your foremost priority.

Why a Desi Wedding Dress will never go out of style?

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life and how you style yourself is going to decide the vibes for the rest of the day. We realize the importance of a Wedding Dress, and we know that no other attire will give you the look you want than a stunning Desi Wedding Dress. Lavish details of embellishments, embroidery, signature designs, and fine details of hand-crafted work on the Desi Wedding Dress will give you a stylish and beautiful bridal look.

What kind of work is done on the stunning Desi Wedding Dress?

The work is customized on the Desi Wedding Dress according to the customer’s demands. Stunning work of zardosi, embroidery, tilla, Resham, gota, and dabka is done on the dress to make it appealing. The charm and glamour is enhanced by the touch of shimmering sequins, sitara, pearls, and motifs.

How can you have a breathtaking Bridal look at a Desi Wedding?

The perfect contrast of colors and the luxury designs on the dress will give you a breathtaking Bridal look on the wedding day. Whether it’s a Bridal Lehenga or a Gharara, the perfect stitching is extremely important and luckily the experts at NameerabyFarooq are pros at this.

When can you wear a Bridal Lehenga Choli at the Wedding?

The bride can wear Lehenga Choli at any event at the wedding. But it’s mostly preferred on the Mehndi. The yellow and Pink contrast of the colors in the Bridal Lehenga is ravishing and it gives the bride a breathtakingly beautiful look. Moreover, Red Bridal Lehenga Choli and Pastel-colored Lehenga Choli dresses are preferred for Barat and Walima.

What type of colors is appealing for a Desi Wedding Dress?

On Dua-e-Khair white, peach, or any light color is usually preferred. On Mehndi, Vibrant colors are the most appealing choice for a Desi Wedding. The contrast of green, yellow, pink, and tangerine will make your Mehndi Dress an epitome of royalty and flamboyance. For Barat Dress, Red, Gold, and Pink will never go out of style. The Walima Dress looks eye-catching when it has shimmering details of silver and the color contrast is of grey or pastel colors.

What kind of Wedding Dress do Bridesmaids prefer?

Bridesmaids prefer to have a minimal yet alluring look at the wedding. Light and breezy colors are preferred for a summer wedding. Pishwas Frock and Lehenga Dresses are preferred by the Bridesmaids. Moreover, a Salwar Kameez will always be a suitable choice to have an elegant appearance.

How can you style the Bridal Lehenga dress with Dupatta?

With a plain Bridal Lehenga Choli, an embellished dupatta looks stunning and it will give you a graceful look at the wedding. For a traditional look, double dupattas are preferred for the bride, as it enhances the grace and gives a more classic touch to the overall Desi Wedding Dress.

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