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Saree is a traditional outfit to wear at parties, Weddings, or Wedding Parties. The classic Indian Wedding Saree has the perfect balance of royalty and style. The traditional designs and trendy colors make the Saree an epitome of glamour. The blouse of the saree is often sleeveless and has a deep neckline. Handcrafted adornments and designs give a charming look to the Saree Blouse. Long anchal/pallu of the Wedding Saree gives you a dreamy look for the wedding. Borders are also adorned with stunning embellishments giving a perfect finishing look to the Indian Wedding Dress.

What is a Saree?

Saree is a traditional attire commonly worn by Indian women. Saree has an unstitched length of cloth draped around the body. Pallu or anchal of the Saree is longer than a meter. Saree is commonly paired with a blouse or choli. You can wear it at formal, semi-formal, and wedding festivities.

Why you should wear an Indian Wedding Saree?

Indian Wedding Saree is a stunning masterpiece to wear by any woman of any age. The perfect balance of elegance and tradition makes the Indian Wedding Saree an epitome of beauty. The gorgeous Wedding Saree comes in different colors and styles. From Bridesmaids Saree to Saree for Mother of Bride, this stunning attire wins everyone's hearts. Perfect stitching and handcrafted embellishments make Indian Saree your foremost priority.

What is the best fabric for the Indian Wedding Saree?

Saree is an elegant masterpiece that looks breathtaking in any fabric. However, Silk Saree, Banarasi Saree, Organza Saree, Chiffon Saree, Net Saree, and Cotton Saree are the most common choices preferred for Indian Wedding Sarees. Plain Saree with Heavy Blouse creates an alluring Indian Wedding Saree. White Saree, Red Saree, Black Saree, Yellow Saree, etc in these premium quality fabrics create a glamorous Indian Wedding Saree for the day.

When should we wear Saree?

Saree is a versatile attire to wear on different occasions like weddings, parties, etc. The color of the Indian Wedding Saree depends on the wedding festivity. White Saree is an elegant choice for engagement or a party. Yellow Saree is a common choice for Mehndi, Haldi, or Mayun. Color combinations like Yellow Saree with Pink Blouse, Yellow Saree with Green Blouse, etc are also preferred. Red Saree for Wedding gives you the perfect traditional appearance when paired with a sleeveless blouse.

What is the importance of Bridesmaids Sarees in an Indian wedding?

In India, Bridesmaids Sarees are as important as the Bride's Saree. The color combination of the Indian Wedding Saree is chosen according to the theme of the event. White and Pink Saree is a beautiful choice for the Bridal shower or Sangeet. Similarly, at the ceremony and reception, Bridesmaids Sarees are commonly chosen according to a theme.

Why are the Indian Wedding Sarees famous for?

Indian Wedding Saree is not just a piece of cloth. It's a symbol of their tradition and customs. The heritage designs and royal color combinations make the Indian Wedding Saree a classic choice for the Bride, Mother of the Bride as well as Bridesmaids.

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