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How we make your
Perfect Bridal Order

Get Bridal Order Consultation

Step 1 - Initial Consultation

Get exclusive consultation from the lead designer in latest trends for bridal dresses in fashion now.

Perfect Measurements

2 - Get Perfect Measurements

We solved one of the biggest issues of ordering online, by providing accurate guides to get perfect measurements

Color Selection

Step 3 - Color Selection

Keep the original colors or match your wedding theme with multiple color options to choose from.

Sketch to Perfection

Step 4 - Sketch to Perfection

After dress choice and color selection we make first sketch close to perfection for customer review

Sketch Design Approval

Step 5 - Sketch Design Approval

Sketch design is reviewed with customer to make sure customer approves and if any changes are required.

Acquire Quality Materials

Step 6 - Aquire Quality Materials

We gather only premium quality materials and stitching supplies for production to make your dress feel high quality.

Fabric Color Dye

Step 7 - Fabric Color Dye

We get fabric directly from manufactuer and dye the fabric to the dress choice color for perfect look everytime.

Framework Setup

Step 8 - Framework Setup

Once we have our fabric and materials ready we start setting up the framework with sketch design on it.

Hand Embelishment

Step 9 - Hand Embelishment

Now starts high quality work by our hard working experts to hand embelishment design on the fabric.

Stitch to Size

Step 10 - Stitch to Size

Once design is complete out expert stiching unit starts work with high quality materials and stich the dress.

Final Quality Check

Step 11 - Final Quality Check

Once we have stiched the dress we thoroughly review to clear any threads and framework.

Final Inspection

Step 12 - Final Inspection

We then do a final inspection and review with customer to make sure everything is as ordered and prepare of shipment.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses - Premium Designer Pakistani Bridal Wear Outfits Online

Pakistani Bridal Dress is an elite choice to wear on the Wedding day. The traditional and royal look of the Bridal Dress Pakistani makes it a stunning choice. The eye-catching Pakistani Wedding Dress is gracefully adorned with handworked adornments and Traditional Pakistani Bridal Wear designs. Glamorous color combinations and styles make these Pakistani Bridal Outfits Online an epitome of beauty. Bridal Lehenga, Lehenga Choli, and Lehenga Gown are the stunning choices to wear on your big day.

What is a Bride's choice for Pakistani Bridal Dresses?

A bridal dress is a stunning attire to wear at the Wedding and you can find the best choice from our Pakistani Bridal Couture. Pakistani Bridal Dress is the epitome of tradition and heritage. The dress comes in various Pakistani Bridal Dress Designs designs and colors. Bridal Lehenga, Lehenga Choli, Lehenga Saree, Bridal Salwar Kameez, and Bridal Gown dresses are the most common and preferable choices to wear on Nikkah, Barat, and Walima.

Why should you choose a Pakistani Bridal Dress for your Wedding?

Pakistani Bridal Dress is a magnificent choice to wear at the wedding festivities. The traditional styles and classic embellishments make Pakistani Bridal Dresses a priority for any Bride. Lavish colors and fine details enhance the Bridal look that making the Pakistani Wedding Dress wins everyone's heart at very first glance. Mehndi Dresses, Barat Dresses, and Walima Dresses for different occasions become your foremost priority.

Which colors are preferred for Pakistani Bridal Dresses?

The combination of colors plays an important role in choosing Bridal Wear. Red Bridal Dress for Barat is of extreme significance. The red color is preferred as it is a symbol of love and happiness. Yellow Bridal Dress is a preferable choice for events like Dholak and Mayun. Pakistani Bridal Gowns, Lehenga Gown, and Bridal Maxi Dress in pastel and beige colors for Walima are the best choices for the Bride.

Shop Pakistani Wedding Dresses Online

Pakistani wedding traditions have a rich history deeply rooted in the customs and culture of the Indian subcontinent, influenced by the Mughals. Pakistani wedding dresses hold a royal charm, meticulously crafted to match the theme and functions of the celebration. These dresses feature opulent fabrics adorned with intricate details like zardozi, pearls, sequins, tilla, zari, naqshi, dabke, and more. They offer a perfect fusion of traditional elegance and contemporary sophistication in styles such as embellished salwar kameez, lehenga choli, frocks, gharara, and sharara. If you're seeking the ideal attire for your special day, you don't need to look any further.

What do Pakistani girls wear to Weddings?

Pakistani girls want to have a lavish trendy look. Stunning Pakistani Wedding Dress that comes in Lehenga Choli, Ghagra Choli, and Bridal Saree styles are the foremost choices for the Bride as well as her Bridesmaids. Salwar Kameez, Gharara, and Sharara are also chosen to have a more traditional look. Perfect color combinations, designs, and adornments make this Pakistani Bridesmaid Dresses elite choices.

Why you should choose NameerabyFarooq for your Bridal Dress?

NameerabyFarooq respects the customer's choices and makes the Bridal Dresses as per their demands. Perfect stitching and color combinations make our Pakistani Bridal Dresses an epitome of beauty and glamour. Fine details of gota, dabka, zari, naqshi give a traditional appearance to Pakistani Wedding Dresses. The glamorous touch of pearls, crystals, and motifs work gives an elegant touch to the overall attire and customization can be made. Trendy styles of Lehenga Choli, Lehenga Saree, Bridal Gown, Bridal Maxi Dress, Bridal Lehenga, and Bridal Salwar Kameez are available at NameerabyFarooq in attractive colors.

Which fabric is recommended for Pakistani Bridal Dress?

Raw Silk, Organza, and Tissue are the most commonly used fabric for Pakistani Bridal Dresses. Velvet fabric is often used for Bridal wears to have a more elegant look. Premium quality fabric is the main reason behind stunning Wedding attire. Shimmering embellishments and handcrafted details make these Bridal Dresses a luxurious choice.

What is the history of Lehenga's origin?

Lehenga is a classic attire whose origin is the epic Mughal Era. It was worn by the women for a royal and classy appearance. Lehenga became the heartiest choice for all segments of classes. Later it became an aesthetic choice for the Brides as well. For a traditional and royal head-turning look, brides wear a Lehenga dress on their wedding day.

What kind of dresses do Pakistani Brides prefer for their Wedding?

Choosing a bridal dress is a matter of extreme significance for the bride. For a traditional look, Lehenga, Pishwas, Salwar Kameez, Gharara, and Sharara are chosen by the Bride. Gown, Longtail dresses, Lehenga Gowns, and Saree are preferred for an elegant magnificent appearance on the wedding day.

Which type of Bridal Dress is the best choice for Mehndi, Barat, and Walima?

For Mehndi, Brides often want a traditional look. So, Gharara, Sharara, Salwar Kameez, and Ghagra Choli are the preferred choices to have the desired appearance for the big day. Barat dresses also come in different styles and designs. Flared Lehenga with Pishwas and Gown are the best choices to have a royal and breathtaking look. Red Bridal Dresses give an alluring traditional look to the Brides for the big day. Walima Dresses in light pastel shades are chosen for an elegant look. Pakistani Bridal Gown, Bridal Lehenga, and Lehenga Choli are the appealing choices for the dreamy Bridal look.

What are the trendy styles in Pakistani Bridal Dresses?

  • Bridal Lehenga
  • Pishwas Dress
  • Gharara Dress
  • Bridal Maxi
  • Sharara Dress
  • Bridal Lehenga Choli
  • Salwar Kameez
  • Lehenga Gown

Which fabric is the best for Pakistani Bridal Dresses?

Jamawar and Banarsi fabrics are chosen for Gharara and Lehenga to have a traditional bridal look. Raw Silk, Organza, Net, and Chiffon give the Pakistani Bridal Dresses an elegant look for the wedding. The premium quality fabric makes the Pakistani Bridal Dresses an exquisite choice for the event. In winter, Velvet is chosen for the bridal dress to have a captivating appearance on the most important day of your life.

Which color is the most charismatic choice for Mehndi Dresses?

Mehndi Dresses come in alluring vibrant shades. The lavish combination of colors and hand-crafted details give Mehndi Dresses an eye-catching look. Mirror work, gota, zardosi, naqshi, dabka, tilla, and resham work on the multi-colored Pakistani Bridal Dresses are the best choices for the big day.

Why you should wear a Pakistani Bridal Dress on your big day?

Pakistani Bridal Dresses are the epitome of tradition and royalty. They come in a variety of styles and designs. The stunning work of hand-crafted embellishments on these dresses makes them a perfect choice for the Bride. Our designers prepare the bridal dresses as per the customer's demands to provide them with the masterpiece they desire.

Explore our website for Pakistani Bridal Dresses:

Bridal Dresses Pakistani according to the latest trends and shades are available. The perfect balance of tradition and elegance makes the Pakistani Wedding Dresses magnificent attires. Pakistani Bridal Boutique Collections according to the wedding festivities are available for the customer's easiness. Mehndi Dresses have the perfect vibrant color combinations. Barat Dresses in red, gold, and traditional shades are recommended. Walima Dresses in pastel shades and Nikkah Dresses will definitely give you an eye-catching look. Shop Luxury Pakistani Bridal Wear Online from with perfect fitting and accurate measurements.

Designer Pakistani Bridal Dresses in Elegant Style embellished with beautiful embroidery, dabka, nagh, naqshi, zardozi, gota patches. Stylish Long frock, Gharara, Lehnga Shirt. Maxi, Gown for wedding events in different colors is available online at Velvet, Organza, Chiffon, Jamawar Fabric is used.

Our Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Wedding Dresses and Pakistani Bridal Suits Collection consists of Trendy Pakistani Bridal Lehenga, Bridal Lehenga Choli, Pakistani Bridal Gharara, Pakistani Bridal Sharara, and Bridal Wedding Gowns for Weddings and Engagements. 

Ethnic Asian Bridal Wear for Pakistani Nikkah Dresses with emphasis on providing the Best Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dresses, From Premium Quality Bridal Red Lehenga to High Traditional Pakistani Wedding Gowns. From our Pakistani Bridal Collection You can get all your Pakistani Bridal Attire Wedding Needs.   

Find Dresses from Top Bridal Designers like Tena Durrani, Sania Maskatiya, Asim Jofa, Nida Azwer, Nomi Ansari, Fahad Hussayn, Deepak Perwani, Aisha Imran, Ayesha Ibrahim, Zainab Chotani, Sheeba Kapadia, Mirusah, Shamsha Hashwani, Faraz Manan, and More.  

Why Shop Pakistani Bridal Dresses from NameerabyFarooq?

At NameerabyFarooq you get the Perfect Bridal Dress that meets your Design and Creativity. Learn how we make that happen.

Step 1: Dress Selection

You can choose any dress on our website or ask us for a completely custom design that is unique to you. According to Latest Pakistani Bridal Fashion Trends, our Designers give you a perfect style and prepare the exact dress as you’ve described.  If you want to change any design or details you can contact our Designers who are available 24/7. You can call them if you have any queries and with the help of our Expert Designers, you can prepare your own Signature design for your event.

Step 2: Sketching and Fabric Dye

Once you are satisfied with your choice we have expert sketch makers who make detailed sketches of your chosen Bridal Attire. Then we show it to our customers and Dye the Fabric according to the exact color of the Product. Once the sketch is made and the Fabric is dyed, we send the sample to our customer’s doorstep. When the customer approves of the sketch and color, we start our work. According to the measurements given by the customer, we prepare the exact Masterpiece.

Step 3: Measurement Meeting

After we have decided on our sketches and color we set up a detailed measurement meeting in which we guide you through the measurement process for an exact measurement and fitting. We make sure that the dress is stitched finely and according to the demand of the customer. But to ensure the happiness and peace of our Customers we prefer double stitching so that customers can adjust the fitting accordingly.

Step 4: Stitching, Changes, and Transparency

While preparing the attire we remain in constant contact with our customers and regularly update you regarding the progress of your dress to see if you want any possible changes and also to create a healthy and trustable environment. So you have complete peace of mind and transparency throughout the whole process.

Step 5: Final Review and Quality Standards

When the Bridal Dress is prepared we do the Final Review with our Customer to make sure that there isn’t any error. A Double check is performed before packaging by our Quality Standards Department. When the customer is satisfied and we have ensured that there is not an issue we start the shipping process.


Shipping: We deliver to all 50 states of the United States.

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