Here's how to celebrate a traditional Pakistani wedding in USA (Part V)

Here's how to celebrate a traditional Pakistani wedding in USA Part V

A traditional Pakistani wedding starts from the proposal and ends at walima plus there are also post-wedding events like chothay ki roti (dinner of bride and groom at bride's parent's place after walima). So, in this last part of the Pakistani wedding blog series, we will discuss about the last events of a traditional Pakistani wedding and post-shadi events.

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After baraat, the ritual of nashta takes place the next morning. In this ritual, desi nashta is brought by the bride's family at her in-laws’ place. The nashta usually includes desi halwa poori with other delicious food items like chicken or haleem etc. Mostly, the bride's sister(s) and cousins bring the nashta at around 9 in the morning. The nashta is served and eaten by both the families’ members with joy and bliss.

After Marriage Nashta for Traditional Pakistani Wedding in USA


After baraat and nashta, then walima or wedding reception takes place which is arranged by the groom's family. The bride visits parlour and gets ready for the function. With beautiful wedding dress of light colour and decent jewellery, she goes to the wedding venue. Both the bride and groom then sit together and meet the guests who attend their walima function. Salamis are received by the bride from groom’s family members. With delicious food and so much fun, the walima or wedding reception is enjoyed by everyone.

Walima Ceremony in Pakistani Traditional Weddings

Bride visits her parents’ home (pehla phaira):

After walima, bride goes to her parents’ home and stays there for a night. This is a ritual among Pakistanis and is a part of post-wedding events. This ritual is also called pehla phaira and its purpose is to give bride some time to spend with her family. Then next day, bride’s in-laws come to take her back. It’s a part of ritual that instead of husband, in-laws come to take bride back.

Dinner or chothay ki roti:

Another post-wedding event includes chothay ki roti or dinner of the newly wed couple at bride's parent's place. The in-laws of bride are also invited at the event. Delicious food is served and both the families enjoy a lot.

Dinner of the Newly Wed Pakistani Tradition in Traditional Weddings

Joota chupayi:

At chothay ki roti, joota chupayi rasm also takes place. The bride's siblings and cousins hide the shoes of the groom while he's busy in the gathering. At the time of departure, when groom inquires about his shoes then the bride's siblings and cousins appear on the scene with the shoes. But instead of returning them back, they ask for specific amount of money in exchange of shoes. This is the most fun ritual and at last, groom gives the money and takes his shoes back.

Giving the gifts:

Lastly, the bride's mom gives some gifts to both her daughter and son-in-law. The gifts include dresses and other accessories mostly.

 Wedding Gifts on Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

A new journey begins:

Eventually, after all the events related to the wedding, a new practical journey of life begins for both the bride and groom. They both start their married life with great expectations. Though the post-wedding dinners and parties continue plus the newly wed couple leave for the honeymoon after wedding events as well yet they practically enter in the married life right after walima or chothay ki roti. Both the husband and wife plan for the future and decides to live happily together ever.

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