Here's how to Celebrate a Traditional Pakistani Wedding in USA (Part IV)

Here's how to celebrate a traditional Pakistani wedding in USA (Part IV)

The traditional Pakistani wedding is comprised of many events and nikkah and baraat are its most important functions. In this part of the Pakistani wedding blog series, we will discuss about nikkah and baraat plus other rituals which take place on these big days of nikkah and baraat.

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Nikkah Ceremony in Pakistani Weddings

Nikkah is a marriage contract between girl and boy that ties them in a strong bond. The nikkah takes place either with or before baraat. Usually, nikkah takes place at mosques.

Bride goes to the parlour for getting ready in the baraat’s morning:

Beautiful Pakistani Baraat Bridal Dress

In the morning of baraat, the bride visits the parlour for getting ready. With beautiful makeup, amazing hairstyle and aesthetic wedding attire and jewellery, the bride gets ready for her big day.

Sehra bandhi of groom:

Pakistani Groom Sehra Bandhi Ceremony
On the other hand at groom's side, the guy is all ready with sherwani and turban. When the guests reach at the groom's home, sehra bandhi ceremony takes place before the going of baraat at bride's place or baraat's venue. In this ceremony, the sehra is being worn by the groom or some other family member makes him to wear the sehra in the midst of band and baja.


Pakistani Groom Sarbala Pakistani Wedding Culture

The ritual of selecting a sarbala is another important thing in the baraat ceremony. Sarbala is basically some younger child of groom's family like his nephew, niece or little cousin. The little kid is selected as sarbala who sits with groom at horse or any other vehicle in which groom is going along with the other guests.

Baraat with band baja:

Pakistani Dhool Band Baja for Wedding Ceremony

Finally the baraat with whole band baja and dhol arrives at the wedding venue with other guests (baraati). The groom's family relish this moment a lot and many of them also perform bhangra or luddi dance. The traditional Pakistani wedding is all about fun and rituals; so does happen at Pakistani baraat.

Doodh pilayi and taking the money from groom:

Pakistani Wedding Culture Dhoodh Pilai Ritual

At the entrance of venue, the groom is served a glass of milk but a specific amount of money as gift is taken from him. It is the part of a traditional Pakistani wedding and money is taken usually by the bride’s siblings, friends or cousins. After having the money, milk is served to the groom and he is allowed to get in.

The climax of event of baraat:

After all these rituals, food is served and bride and groom are asked to sit together. Salamis are given to the groom by the bride’s family members that can be money and gifts. Everyone enjoys the event in his or her own way. Moreover, some people do take money from groom after he sits with the bride while some take it before at entrance as mentioned earlier.


Traditional Pakistani Wedding Rukhsati Ceremony

Eventually the toughest moment for bride and her family arrives when it’s the time of rukhsati (departure). The girl has to go with her husband and leave her parent’s place permanently. Leaving the parents and starting a new journey with husband is really hard and thus, the time of rukhsati becomes very emotional and arduous for the bride and her family.

The wedding function of baraat ultimately ends with rukhsati and bride comes to her new home with her husband to start a new journey of her life. Both the bride and groom expect to make their coming days of life beautiful with the good wishes of the elders. Hence, a traditional Pakistani wedding is a full package of fun and celebrations with lots of prayers and love of family.

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