Here's how to Celebrate a Traditional Pakistani Wedding in USA (Part III)

Here's how to Celebrate a Traditional Pakistani Wedding in USA (Part III)

The selection of dresses is the most arduous yet enjoyable task of a Pakistani wedding. The wedding shopping is followed by the important shaadi events. So, in this part we will discuss about those important events.

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Selection of the shadi card and disturbing it among friends and relatives:

The invitation card for the wedding is selected by both the bride’s and groom's families separately. After the selection, the cards are ordered and when the cards are delivered they are distributed among the relatives and friends in order to invite them on the wedding.

  Pakistani Wedding Cards - Shadi Cards for Pakistani Weddings in USA

Dholak at both bride's and groom's home:

Pakistani Wedding Dholak on Mehndi at Bridal and Groom House

A kind of casual dholak is arranged at the homes of bride and groom separately, every day when few days are left in the wedding. Usually the family members of both of them sit together and sing the songs. In this way, a Pakistani wedding is relished a lot.

Applying heenah or mehendi on bride's hands:

Heenah or mehendi is applied on bride's hands by a special person who is expert in this task before the grand functions of a Pakistani wedding.

Pakistani Mehndi Ceremony and Beautiful Bridal Mehndi Hinna

Formal wedding days come finally:


Finally the grand function of actual dholki comes in which the guests arrive at the venue. Both the bride and groom with their families are present at the venue already. At dholki, songs are played and closed friends or relatives of bride and groom do the dances. Usually, the siblings and best friend of bride and groom give a dance performance. Later, the food is served that marks the end of the dholki.

 Desi Indian Pakistani Wedding Dholki


Chori ki mehendi:

Chori ki mehendi is also a common practice in a traditional Pakistani wedding. It is a kind of surprised mehendi in which either bride's family without any prior information visit the groom's family or vice-versa, late at night. The visit is basically named as chori ki mehendi as it is made with proper dhol, songs and other arrangements of mehendi in a surprised and secreted way. It is the most fun part of a traditional Pakistani wedding.

 Paksitani Wedding Mehndi Ceremony Celebrations

Grand mehendi:

Finally the day of grand mehendi arrives on which many people are invited from the family and friends’ circle of the bride and groom. Traditional Pakistani wedding dresses are worn at mehendi by everyone as per the decided theme. Many rituals take place at mehendi. Taking money from the guy and applying mehendi on the hands of the bride and groom are some of them.

Bride and groom sit together and some leaf is kept at their hand on which little heenah or mehendi is applied and mithayi or sweets are served to both of them. This is the most important ritual of a Pakistani mehendi.

 Beautiful Hinna Designs and Mehndi Ceremony Decorations

Ultimately, just like in every function, food is served in which the cultural food of Pakistan like rice, chicken, kebabs and halwa or kheer as dessert are included. After having food, photographs are clicked; family photographs are taken and couple photoshoot takes place and the function of mehendi ends with a good note finally.

After mehendi, the most important functions like baraat, walima and many others take place which will be discussed in the next parts. All these things are being discussed by us to refresh in the minds of the Pakistani people living in America that how a traditional Pakistani wedding takes place so that they could celebrate a total Pakistani wedding in the States as well.

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