How to Celebrate a Pakistani Wedding in USA Things you should know (Part 1)

Details of a Pakistani wedding that you should know (Part I)

Pakistani wedding according to the culture and tradition has many details that Pakistanis living in America or other western countries might have forgotten today. In order to refresh the things in their minds, has decided to write on the details of a Pakistani wedding in four to five parts that will cover the smallest to major things of a Pakistani wedding.

The proposal:

Primarily, the proposal is sent by the guy's family to the girl’s. It might be love or arranged scene but sending of proposal is a prime part of the Pakistani wedding. Time is taken by the girl’s family to think and take decision.

If the proposal is accepted by the girl's family then rishta is formally fixed and a ritual of having tea at girl’s home takes place. It is necessary that in case of arranged scene, the approval of both the boy and girl without any force must be taken by the parents before accepting the proposal. However, at tea, both the families have sweets and decide the further proceedings.

Dua-e-khair or engagement:

Dua-e-khair or Engagement in Pakistani Wedding

After the acceptance of proposal, it is decided whether to have dua-e-khair or engagement. The difference between both is not that much as at both occasions, ring ceremony takes place but in dua-e-khair mostly, the groom isn’t present while at engagement mostly, the groom is present.

Dua-e-khair isn’t that lavish or big function but engagement can be fancy and grand event. Ring ceremony takes place at these events but now some other functions also take place before mangni or engagement and selection of attires and jewellery before all these functions is the most important thing done by the families.

Selection of attires and jewellery for the engagement or dua-e-khair:

Men Attires for the engagement or dua-e-khair

Choosing the best attires for the engagement or dua-e-khair is the tough part and both the bride and groom take good time to opt the most beautiful dress for the big day. These days, apparels of light colours like peach, grey etc., are worn by the brides at the engagement or dua-e-khair plus light jewellery is preferred for these events while the grooms wear three piece suit at engagement and shalwar kameez at dua-e-khair. Moreover, note this that would like to become your ultimate guide to opt best engagement dresses and jewellery for you if you’re on the same journey right now.

Women Attires for the engagement or dua-e-khair

Dholki or mehendi before mangni or dua-e-khair:

Dholki at Pakistani Weddings

A dholki or mehendi also takes place before engagement or dua-e-khair these days. This dholki or mehendi is usually separated and both the families celebrate at their own places but some families also visit each other to celebrate the function with full zest. Mehendi or hina is applied on the bride's hands and a classy mehendi attire is worn by her. Dholak is arranged and bride's friends and cousins sing the songs. Same thing also happens at groom’s place.

Pakistani Wedding Mehendi Hina Designs Online

When the final day of ring ceremony arrives, the preparations of both the families look perfect. From welcoming the guests to serving of sweets and delicious food, everything is managed nicely. Both the bride and groom sit together and ring ceremony takes place in the presence of the whole family who relish the moment.

Final day of ring ceremony – engagement or dua-e-khair:

Pakistani Wedding Engagement Ceremony

However, in the absence of groom like at dua-e-khair, the mother-in-law puts the ring on the finger of daughter-in-law. In case of engagement, the rituals of doodh pilayi and taking money also take place which will be further discussed in detail in other parts. Lastly, the function of engagement ends with a good note as a bond is established between the two persons and families via a proper ceremony.

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